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100% guaranteed loans
  • Emma Parker
  • February 4, 2019

Marriages are a once in a lifetime festival that happens in everyone’s life. Birthdays and marriages are the days that everyone in this world looks forward to. Meeting a right person has been the dream for most of the youngsters. But there is one problem. Marriage not only requires love and understanding, it also requires money. If the two persons understand each other to keep the marriage private, it’s good. But most want the world to know that they are uniting with that particular person for eternity and also to share their happiness with others. So in that case money needs to spend on venue, flowers, cakes and foods. If the couple has saved some money, it’s good. Else, the only option is to avail a loan. Loans can be availed from various places. The problem is banks do not provide loans for marriages but there are other ways to get a loan.

This section provides the ways to get 100% guaranteed loans from banks or any other sources available. If you are an employee, it is easy to get emergency loans from the Office. If the person is a new employee or has previously availed a loan, then it is not possible. The other option is getting loans from banks by using security. Banks do not provide marriage loans. It can be availed as an emergency loan if the person has a good job, perfect credits and security to provide for the loan. If all these documents are perfect, then the person can easily get a loan from the banks. If that is not possible then the last way is to get a payday loan.

Payday loans are instantly availed short-term loans that are quicker and safer. Getting these loans is an easier process and they can be availed directly or from home. To get it directly, the person has to visit the bank with the formal documents like credits and other details. Once the basic application is filled out, then the loan will be approved within minutes and the amount will be transferred within hours of approval. The other types of loans that can be availed from homes are doorstep loans and text loans. Doorstep loans are provided to the clients by the direct payday loan lenders. The only thing the client has to do is fill the application form online and wait. The executives will contact you and come to your house personally to discuss the type of loan you need. This loan would be sanctioned with minutes and the amount will be transferred in hours. These doorstep loans are only suitable for short-term loans and the clients can choose the repayment option.

Text loans are short-term loans and they are available for only a small amount of cash. It doesn’t work for larger cash. The lenders will send a reply text with a link that sends the client to a portal where the client needs to fill the application form. Once the form is submitted and after choosing the loan plan and amount, the text loan will be credited to the account. All these loans are good options. Also, make sure to pay the loans on correct time.

If there is a possibility that the client won’t be available in the city at the time of repayment, the lender will also accept advance payment. Moreover, some lenders have the option of automatically obtaining the money from the bank account without the permission from the users. The client can also opt for this option if they are okay with it. The lender won’t charge anything extra or misuse it.

Sometimes the loan can also be taken as a couples loan if the partner also wants to have an equal share in it. In this case, both the person will be responsible for paying the loan. After all, marriages are all about sharing both the pain and pleasure. Make sure to pay the loans in correct time to prevent the increase in interest and uncontrolled spiralling of the APR. Also, prevent yourself from getting a second loan whatever the situation may be. Getting more payday loans is not advisable since more money will be wasted in interest.

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