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  • Emma Parker
  • February 13, 2019

Are you a dancer? Do you want to join a dance school to perfect your skills? Do not worry! There are many options for a dancer in London and all over England. Every person loves to dance. While most of us are dancers within a locked room, there are some people who are extraordinarily skilled and reached heights with their dance moves attracting thousands of people. Even though there are thousands of people who want to become a great dancer, most of them give up their fight due to heavy competition and their inability to compete with others due to lack of time and money.

If money is the reason you are giving up dancing, there are various ways to gain money, including getting guaranteed loans with no credit check from direct lenders in case of emergency situations like joining a dance school or a competition immediately. From singing to dancing and various other sports activities, the UK government has always played a major role in supporting the extraordinary skills of the people with both money and moral support. Along with the government agencies, there are various other private agencies available that support these extraordinarily talented persons by providing support and opportunities to showcase their talents.

Join Dance schools

There are various highly qualified and graded dance schools in London including Hammond school, Royal Academy of Dance, etc… Most of these schools have good dance programmes available with perfect teachers. These schools provide the application forms every year at the end of the semester and after the initial screening through an application, the second step is the audition. Most of these auditions involve the students performing their best moves in front of the judges or staffs. After the audition, if the performance is extremely good, the person has a higher chance of getting a scholarship, which is an easier option to study. But if you are not able to get a scholarship, the other way is to apply for a student loan or other forms of loans available in the market to help the students. There are also some scholarships provided by private organisations. People can also try that. The information about these private scholarships will be available in the schools.

Participate in dance competitions

If you have joined school, it is good. If you do not have the time to join the school or if you have not been selected the other way to pursue your career in dancing is by participating in various other dance competitions. London hosts several dance competitions and one of the most famous dance competitions is the Blackpool Dance festival. This is an international event and nearly 3000 members participate in the competition that has been taking place since 1920. This is one of the most famous dance competitions and participating in it will gain instant recognition. It is mostly conducted in the month of May. Along with this famous festival, the country also hosts some other dance competitions like the world dance sports championship that involves the participation of many professional dancers all over the world.

Even though they cost some money with the application form and dance costumes including travelling and staying these competitions will definitely gain you a good image and make you famous instantly if you win it.

Open a dance studio

If you are good enough in dance but have not gotten an opportunity to showcase your talents another best option is to open a dance studio. Opening a dance studio will gain you both money and fame in a short period of time. Even though this method involves some money, you can gain the lost money within months of opening the school. After a few months of opening the school, if possible try to merge your schools with other famous dance colleges for one or two classes, for the students to gain experience. This not only provides an experience for the students but also gives you an insight into these schools so that you can try to apply and get a seat next year.

One Dance UK

One dance UK is a famous dance company that is the combination of several dance associations along with the teachers’ association and youth dance England. This association represents dancers of all age groups and they provide support to budding dancers along with opportunities and advice. They also concentrate on the physical and psychological well-being of the dancers. Joining this committee or trying to prove your talents to this committee during the competitions held by this committee will also gain you access to the world of dance and other popular members in the association.

It is always better for the person to try out all the opportunities rather than trying one of these. And one of these will definitely bring you success in the future.

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