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  • Emma Parker
  • February 6, 2019

Lost your money during a trip? Stranded in an unknown place with fear? Do not worry. There are various options to obtain emergency cash even when you are not at home. Going on a trip is one of the pleasant moments of life. Everyone despite their heavy schedule plans to go on a trip from time to time to have some sort of relaxation and peace of mind. Even though going on a trip is fun and interesting, it is also important to stay safe. Because even if the trip is in the same country, it is still an unknown place. Sometimes losing money due to carelessness or being mugged might make you stand in an unknown place without money even to travel back. But there are many options available to come out of such situations.

Options that work for you

If the person requires emergency money to travel back and other requirements, then they can be arranged in many ways like money transfer to phone text loans. When the person has lost money by themselves, or stolen or sometimes they have depleted all the cash in their account without realising in situations like gambling or playing the first step is to call your nearest relatives or friends if available to come and pick you up. If the person is working in an office and the office has a branch available in the area, then they can use their help too. After calling the person, the next step is to call the police. If the person has been mugged then call the police first before calling others.

It is essential to lodge a complaint whether the money went missing or stolen. Also, make sure to visit the places you went before to make a cross check. Also, make sure to give complete details on the missing object to the police. If there were any sort of credit cards in the stolen items make sure to block them. After lodging a complaint, the second step is to arrange the money. Make sure to avail the police help to reach the hotel safe.

After reaching the hotel, start making arrangements to get money.  In this digital age with the amount of technology available, it is easy to transfer money from other’s account to yours within minutes. Try to transfer money from your friends account with their help. If the person does not want to disturb others then they can avail some online loan services like payday text loans.

Get Money On Instant

Text loans are the best source of instant loans that can be availed by sending a simple text message. After sending the text message, the loan lenders will send a reply message with a link for the application. Once the application is filled, the person has to send it back. The loan will be guaranteed within minutes and amount will be transferred within minutes to the bank account. The person can use online transactions for payments. Once receiving the money make sure to book the return tickets back and return home.

After reaching home, pay the payday loan money within the given time. And also lodge a complaint in the police station in your own town to speed up the actions. Apply for a new credit and debit cards.

Tips to follow in the future

So next time whenever you decide to go out in the future for a trip make sure to keep money in one to three different places so that even when one goes missing you can retrieve it from another place. This also prevents the person from depleting the money in gambling or casinos when there is some cash available in the hotel. Also, prevent taking cards she travels. You can keep it safe in the hotel and take money whenever you require it. Do not take it out to places like sightseeing. This also goes for identity proofs and passports. Make sure to keep at least one source of identity in the hotel while taking out other. Also, always give some money to your friends telling them to transfer to your account in case of emergency before starting the trip. It is also advisable to install some money accessible applications in the phone. Always keep the money in hidden compartments in the bags or in the inner pockets of the dress. These steps will prevent the person from facing the situation again.

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