Analysis of unpleasant situations when applying for a loan

If you are a bona fide borrower, but because of a series of adverse life events you have delayed a microloan payment, do not rush into panic. Financial companies always make concessions, thanks to which you can certainly agree to defer payment for some time. Most often, in such situations, companies simply extend the payment period. Take into account: the delay will significantly affect the amount of interest and, as a result, the total amount that you still have to pay.

Consider another version of events. You can agree with the company that you first pay interest on the loan, after which you will repay the entire amount of the loan. The main thing to remember: the longer you put off with the payment of the loan, the higher the interest on the loan.

Can I ran away from the lending company?

If you decide to “cheat” and try to hide away from your creditor, the financial company will take decisive action:

  • lending company will sue (you will receive a subpoena). From representatives of the executive services is almost impossible to hide. The reason for filing a claim will be the non-payment of your debt throughout the year;
  • the company will seek help from the collectors.

As you can see, trying to escape from the lending company is not the best decision, which can be made. Try to handle the situation in another way. By the way, did you know that it is allowed to issue several loans at once, but this should be done in various MFIs. There are no restrictions in this regard, but you should carefully calculate your financial capabilities. After all, every overdue day for the payment of the loan will cost you big interest.

You did not take a loan, and you are recorded in the debtors?

A microloan, quick money or a cash loan – so it is called a kind of lending, which is designed to quickly help people in difficult financial situations. But sometimes it happens so that the debt is attributed to those people who did not take microcredit at all.

Did the endless call collectors start bothering you? Even if unknown persons claim that you took a microloan some time ago through the Internet and received money for your card, you should not panic. The law is on your side. Do not hang up, but find out as much information as possible about the credit organization to which you allegedly received money, as well as about the collection company itself: ask about the phone number, name and address of the company.

When the information is sufficient, state it in a statement to law enforcement agencies. Specify the exact dates and frequency of calls to collectors. List the persons / organizations that could use your data, you may have recently lost your passport, forgotten the document in a public place — mention this in the statement as well. Install an application on your phone that will record your telephone conversations. Attach a copy of the passport to the written application and take it to the police department located in the same area as the credit institution.